Weight Loss Support with Tatra



Support Groups (on-going)

Come join a weekly support group for a compassionate and engaging experience with weight loss support that is unaffiliated with any particular weight loss method. Whether you've had surgery (or are contemplating it), are doing WW, OEA or CICO, are recovering from an eating disorder or just doing your own thing, or are still wondering if weight loss is even possible for you - come join us! Meetings are designed to be both informative and supportive. Weight loss can be an isolating and solitary experience and it is a path that is extremely difficult to stay on, especially in the face of set-backs. Come join others on the same journey (although perhaps taking a different path) and together we can celebrate your triumphs and successes and also be with you to feel the pain of set-backs and bumps in the road! Weight loss is not a linear process and inevitably there are frustrations, aggravations and demoralizing moments along the way. Our support group can help ease the pain of our individual experiences and can keep us motivated, disciplined and inspired to keep going.


Why join a group?


Groups can be powerful tools for change as everyone holds a different perspective and has experienced a unique set of life circumstances that can help inform all of us and certainly provide us plenty of food for thought. Weekly topics are decided on by the group members own interests and range from discussions about emotional eating/binge eating, particular weight loss methods, tips and tricks, managing plateaus, the challenges of maintenance, working with the emotions of self (and others!) related to weight loss, why weight loss happens in the kitchen and not at the gym, and so forth.


Group Size


While larger groups like those held at OEA or at WW can allow for annoynmity and limited personal sharing, it also can be intimidating for people who are struggling with shame, embarrassment, guilt, anger and other difficult emotions to share their experience in front of so many people. For this reason, I limit each group size to between 3-5. Depending on the size of the group at its inception, the cost of each meeting is $40-$50. Meetings last 1.5 hours each.


How do I get started?


The first thing we do is have a private consultation that allows me to get to know you a little bit and learn more about your personal weight loss journey (we can do this over the phone). We can also look for the best meeting for you to join, based on your current or future availability. Groups are held in 6-week increments and members are asked to commit to all 6 sessions to allow for continuity and consistency - something that can be hard to come by in weight loss! Group members can also decide to continue on with their same day/time or can switch to a different group when a new 6 week session starts up. Participants do NOT need to be actively losing weight to join a group!




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